Quality Management System – Moldova

Project Description

Client Profile: A three laboratory system in Moldova sponsored by Department of State INL

Scope of Project: PBSI developed a template based Quality Management System (QSM), meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 that was quickly and efficiently implemented in the three forensic laboratories. This proprietary method draws on best practices of accredited laboratories world-wide and is 100% compliant with the ISO 17025 criteria.

In collaboration with the senior management of the MOIA, MOH, and MOJ forensic laboratories the templates were used to form the basis of the policies and procedures that address specific criteria within ISO 17025. This process has proven to be highly effective in attacking the large volume of documentation required to address in excess of 200 individual criteria associated with the acquisition ISO 17025. Each laboratory participating in the project prepared its own set of policies and procedures to address the unique issues associated with their issues for the ISO criteria addressed in each template. Mr. Christian also facilitated weekly workshops to address each section of each manual to promote the development of policies and procedures that meet best practices and that are appropriate for the size and complexity of each individual laboratory. Ultimately, each laboratory developed administrative, quality, sample control, health and safety and technical manuals consistent with ones utilized by the accredited forensic laboratory within a two-year period.

Project Details

  • Forensic Laboratory