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We make it Codeless

The average nonprofit started in America has a less than 50% chance of surviving to its fifth year. Furthermore, a study by the Taxpayer Advocate’s Office found that nearly 40% of recently-formed non-profits were improperly structured.

Attempting to start a nonprofit on your own, without seeking the help of an experienced professional, may lead you into costly pitfalls. The formation process itself can be overwhelming and frustrating. Missteps taken in the beginning may put your non-profit vision at risk.

Scope of Services

Help to complete your IRS 501(3)C Form

PBSI can prepare and package all the necessary forms and applications for state incorporation and IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption…even for your Federal ID number.  At year end, we can prepare and file your 990 report.

Program - Project Development and Management

PBSI can provide a Project Manager during the formation stage of your organization.  We also provide help with marketing, website development and grant writing.

Selection and Implementation of Accounting and Membership Systems

We can help you select an appropriate size accounting system, implement fund accounting and provide training and an easily customized Treasurer’s manual for one low fee.

Development of Board and Member Policies and Procedures

Creating nonprofit policies begins with knowing what they are. Policies are the operational guidelines for an organization. The purpose of policies is to protect and steer the staff and the board as they fulfill the mission of the organization. They are a reference tool for appropriate action, ethical decision making, and for dealing with potential or actual conflicts. Policies can paraphrase a law, explain a procedure, clarify a principle, or express the desired goal. They are the protocol to follow that when properly used, helps diminish embarrassing or potentially harmful situations, improper behavior, and ineffective decision making. An organization usually has board-related, personnel, and financial policies.

Development of Internal Audit Committees and Charters

  1. An audit is the best way protect the board of directors and others handling FAC funds from unwarranted charges of careless or improper handling of funds;
  2. To build trust and confidence of the membership in the way club assets are being accounted for;
  3. To set habits of fiscal responsibility to assure that when there is turnover in personnel there will be continuity in accountability and nothing will fall through the cracks;

Conducting an audit is not a symbol of distrust.

  • It is a mark of responsibility.
  • It is good stewardship demonstrated for all to see.
  • It is a message to members that you care about their assets

Formal training is not required and neither is a CPA.  PBSI can provide a guidebook and audit program for your volunteers to complete this important annual task.

Outsourced Bookkeeping or Auditing Services

Outsourcing your accounting can result in significant cost savings. Generally, the cost of outsourcing is less than the true cost of maintaining the function in-house. Outsourcing will also result in a major lift in the quality of financial information and internal control. Additional major benefits you may expect are listed below:

  • Allow the board and staff to focus on the mission and program delivery with minimal distractions.
  • Provide relevant, accurate and timely financial information to the various stakeholders (Board, members, donors), resulting in better decisions.
  • Operate within a system of internal control that reduces the risk of fraud and mis-allocation of assets, while satisfying audit requirements.
  • Minimize internal staff distraction and external fees for audit preparation and support.
  • Board and CEO receive knowledgeable advice and mentoring from a trusted financial professional.

We have strong industry experience in the following sectors: Service, Retail, Construction, Transportation, Not For Profit, Governmental, Education and Recreation.

Professional Business Solutions was founded in 1994 to offer organizations a different kind of management and technology consulting partner. Our team is comprised of top-performing consultants with years of experience providing results oriented solutions.  Our offerings include: accounting services, change management, project management, process improvement / lean six sigma, ISO accreditation, forensic laboratory development and training, software selection and and more. Through collaborative

partnership, we advise clients on solving tough business challenges in ways that improve operational performance and drive sustainable results. As your independent, unbiased and objective representatives, we work hand in hand with your staff to provide technical expertise, flexibility and project control within a collaborative environment, and we deliver a project completed on time, on budget and most importantly, deliverables that are consistent with the client’s project goals and objectives.