Kaizen Event – Marketing Agency

Project Description

Client Profile: a marketing communications firm headquartered which provides marketing services for store brands.  At present, the firm’s competitive advantage is its ability to provide multiple marketing services “under one roof, providing one point of contact and one markup”

Background:  Goal / Business Need Development of a consolidated “best practice” repeatable process for the successful delivery of a single client project from project documentation by the Account Team through Creative hand-off.   To meet this goal, the Client has requested PBSI to propose their services to assist the firm with their upcoming Kaizen Event/Focused Improvement Project.


Pre-Planning Define and scope:

Working remotely via email and telephone with the assigned Project Sponsor and Project Manager, PBSI will assist the Client to:

  • Develop the formal Kaizen Charter with the Leadership Team.
  • Identify Kaizen team members by category (upstream providers, process workers, downstream internal customers and subject matter experts)
  • Modify the PBSI assessment tools for their unique needs.
    • Management Self- Assessment
    • Employee Change Management Readiness Assessment
    • Predictable Output/Proof of Need
    • Employee IT Tools Value Assessment
  • Identify all other data and documentation required for the Kaizen Events.  Note:  Client is responsible for the collection and delivery of data (not including PBSI assessment data to support Kaizen Events).
  • Develop the data communication plan


Kaizen Events(Qty 7):

Team Level:  Each Kaizen Event is approximately 2-3 days.  During each event, the assigned PBSI Facilitator will provide and assist the Client Team

  • Event kick off
  • Review of Kaizen Charter
  • Assist the Client Team in their identification and documentation of the current state
  • Identification of waste and unnecessary steps
  • Brainstorming of improvements and optimizations
  • Identification and documentation of potential future state
  • Development of prioritized list of solutions
  • Issues and action items
  • Post event review and lessons learned in a separate Microsoft Excel Workbook for each group.
  • Send “Thank You” emails and Certificate of Attendance to all participants.


Consolidated Kaizen Event:

Consolidated Level Event (3) Days:  To include the project sponsor, project manager, and team leads

  • Review of Kaizen Charter
  • Review the documentation of potential future state for each Team
  • Brainstorm and consensus
  • Development of consolidated future state
  • Review and modification to prioritized list of solutions for implementation
  • Development of comprehensive event report, lessons learned and next steps for Phase III Implementation.
  • Send “Thank You” emails and Certificate of Attendance to all participants.

Project Details

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