Accounting and Control

Accounting Services For Small Businesses

Do you need a more detailed management and financial reporting mechanism? Do you need regular, timely and reliable management reporting? Would you like to partner with a professional firm that provides proactive accounting, small business taxation services, and advice?

We understand that managing a small or medium enterprise through periods of growth and change involves multiple challenges. One such challenge is ensuring a sound and reliable accounting function that remains dynamic enough to adapt and manage through these changes. As accounting is a function that forms the core of any business, your management decisions will rely heavily upon the financial information generated throughout this process during all stages, from planning to execution.

Spotlight on Solutions

Accounting process optimization

Streamline your bookkeeping, bill payment, payroll, invoicing, and other back office processes, saving you time and money

Month End Accounting

Receive accurate and timely financial statements each month, along with guidance from an accounting expert

Account Reconciliations

Close out each period by aligning your bank, credit/debit card, e-commerce, and other accounts with your financial statements


Enjoy a seamless process by which invoices are created, sent, recorded, and followed up on without wasting your time


Process your payroll on the software of your choosing, ensuring your employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner

OutSourced CFO and Cash Flow Management

Manage your capital runway, debt obligations, and ensure the ability to invest in new projects