Operational Excellence Focus

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Continuous Improvement and Organizational Transformation

Do you need to cope with a shift in your market environment? Business transformation projects help you respond by making changes in your processes. PBSI can help you throughout the process to identify: Shifts in your customer’s needs;  The depth and scope of the changes needed;  The processes and systems affected;  Activities and messages for customers, supplier, and employees impacted by the changes.

Our business process services help organizations achieve their goals by blending our process design and implementation expertise with Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Change Management methodologies.

Our team combines analysis, skilled transitions as well as performance management and benchmarking capabilities to achieve desired business outcomes.

We are agile, flexible and can customize our services to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Business Processes Analysis and Re-Engineering

Our consultants have strong business analysis and facilitation skills that help our clients gather requirements, conduct user acceptance testing, provide an industry perspective, and generally help clients dig into the work of improving their business processes to achieve better measurable results.

Our consultants use Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen Events, Value Stream Mapping and cause analysis to help drive the business and operating model changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision.

  • Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverables.
  • Measure the process to determine current performance; quantify the problem.
  • Analyze and determine the root cause(s) of the defects.
  • Improve the process by eliminating defects.
  • Control future process performance.
Change Management / Leadership

Change Management and Leadership are essential to successful Business Process Re-engineering efforts. PBSI guides our clients to develop a change management approach and devise the appropriate “toolkit” to be used during the implementation of the project phases:
– Preparing for change.
– Introducing the change.
– Making the change “stick.”

  • Identify affected stakeholders and impacts by role
  • Performing Transformation OCM / Readiness Assessments
  • Communications (alignment/enrollment)
  • Training and Readiness Deployment Activities
  • Post Deployment Communications, Performance Awards and Maintenance
Program / Project Management

Over 50% of all projects fail.  For many reasons.  Lack of User Involvement. Unrealistic time scales.  Poor or no requirements.  Scope creep.  No change control system.  Poor testing.

Our consultants are Project Management Certified by PMI. Your PBSI project manager will assist your organization in the key activities that are required to guide the project through closure.

  • Developing the business case, completing the feasibility study, establishing the project charter, appointing the project team, setting up the project office, performing the phase review.
  • Our comprehensive planning approach systematically moves the project from establishing program criteria and design, through budgeting and scheduling, placing it in the best possible position to commence implementation.
  • During execution we continually assess the actual work completed against the planned and take appropriate corrective action to get the desired output.
  • At the conclusion of the project, we help clients to release resources, complete and archive project documents and document issues and lessons faced in the Project and their resolution