Forensic Laboratory Assessment – Algeria

Project Description

PBSI was engaged to perform the first evaluation of a relatively long-running program forensic program in Algeria. Through the evaluation, the CT Bureau sought to appraise the actual or emerging outcomes of the mentoring, technical assistance, and training carried out to date in Algeria by ICITAP. The evaluation provided actionable, evidence-based findings to inform future program directions. It has been guided by a set of core questions supplied by the CT Bureau on the effectiveness and impact of capacity building and program management and perceptions.

PBSI was selected because of its expertise in the development of forensic laboratories in developing democracies.  Additionally, PBSI’s has a cadre forensic advisors who are trained ISO 17025 auditors that are either quality assurance managers of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, provide consulting services regarding compliance with ISO 17025 and 17020 standards as they relate to forensic laboratories or both.

The PBSI advisor issued a summary report that addressed the responses to evaluation questions related to forensic issues.  The topics included in his report included:

  • Capacity Building for the INCC to Obtain ISO Certification
    • Training and Mentoring Assistance Conducted to Prepare for ISO Certification
    • Degree of Progress toward ISO Certification
    • Proxy Indicators for Improved Forensic Skills
    • Measurable Improvement in Forensic Data Analysis Skills Attributed to ICITAP training
    • Use of Evidence Analyzed by the Forensics Laboratory (CT or General Crimes)
    • Remaining Steps for Certification, Means, and Responsibilities
    • Further Assistance Needed to Complete the Certification Process
  • Roles and Functions of the SLEA and Resident Advisors
    • Major role of the SMEs in Support of ICITAP CT Capacity Building Objectives
    • External Perceptions of the RSI Algeria/ICITAP Program
    • Major contribution of the CT Program to the Embassy
    • Embassy Algiers’ View of the ICITAP Program
  • Recommendations
    • Define Expectations
    • Program Supervision
    • Document Control
    • Reporting
    • Accreditation Mentoring and Technical Assistance
    • Expansion of ISO Mentoring Program
    • Regional Forensic Training Center

Project Details

  • Forensic Laboratory