Program Management – International Forensic Program

Project Description

Client Profile: U.S. Embassy – Caucus Region

Background:  As part of an ongoing long term forensic development program, PBSI was requested to provide Program Management over several years.


  • The PBSI Forensic Coordinator provided 24 hours per week of remote forensic technical assistance activities.
  • The Forensic Coordinator traveled to Yerevan Armenia, at the request of the INL in-country Director, to provide up to three (3) one-week technical assistance or training sessions. Suggested topics for the technical assistance and training may include, but not be limited to:
    • Participation evaluation for ISO 17025 conformance audit
    • Participation of a close out assessment of the National Bureau of Expertise, the information to be utilized in the preparation of the project summary report
    • Participation in a training and technical assistance module, topic to be selected by the INL in-country Director.
  • The Forensic Coordinator will provide a detailed report to the INL in-country Director a summary report of his activated within 10 business days of the completion of each in-country training and technical assistance module.
  • The Forensic Coordinator shall provide the INL in-country staff assistance in the preparation of reports related to the Forensic Development Program, as required.
  • The Forensic Development Coordinator shall utilize a standardized assessment tool to evaluate the development progress the NBE. The results of the evaluation shall be compared to the results of previous program evaluation that have been conducted using the same evaluation tool and presented as part of the program summary report.

Project Details

  • Forensic Laboratory