Business Continuity Planning – Regional Construction Company

Project Description

PBSI was engaged to perform the initial assessment and development of a Business Continuity Plan for a large regional General Contractor located in the mid-west.

The comprehensive assessment resulted in the accomplishment of the following:

1. Prodution of an inception report to better define the engagement and its deliverables
2. Meetings with key BCM & OR staff of each Business Unit within the organization to review and understand existing BCM & OR plans
3. Production of detailed reports for 8 Business Unit on the findings and observations based on
the review of any existing BCM & OR plans of each Business Unit .  The report included:
a. Review existing BCM & OR plans of each Business Unit :
i. Critical business process analysis and services including communication
plans, risks, mitigation strategies, based on each organization’s business
model, etc.
ii. Analysis of existing operating environment for each Business Unit
iii. Review of RTO and RPO targets for each Business Unit
iv. Process and procedures for BCM & OR plans of Business Unit
v. Ensure critical staff list are updated and relevant responsibilities are defined
vi. Availability of BCM & OR software and hardware at each organization
vii. List of critical business and support services (critical operational processes
related to HR, Admin/Finance, Security, Supply/Procurement, including ICT
services etc)
viii. Availability of DR plans and solutions including people, software and
hardware requirements including testing schedules (if any)
b. Review the level of alignment between BCM & OR plans of Business Unit
c. Facilitation of Gap Analysis sessions to determine shortcomings within each Business Unit ’s
BCM & OR plans
d. Identification of all possible areas for shared BCM & OR plans across each Business Unit
4. Production of a detailed report with recommendation for the harmonization of BCM & OR plans for
all Business Units . In the scope for this engagement, the report included:
a. List of critical processes and services to be in the scope of the harmonized BCM & OR
plans and their linkages across Business Units
b. Detailed project plan and approach for achieving the harmonized BCM & OR plans
including technology integration/consolidation, BC software requirements,
communication plans, etc.
c. Recommendations and options for BCM & OR solutions
5. Facilitation of  a debriefing session for the OMT BCM & ICT WG members on the finding of BCM &
OR assessment and way forward
6. Development of training materials for a Crisis and Incident Response Training and conduct a 3-day
Crisis and Incident Response Training for the senior managers of each Business Unit


Project Details

  • Forensic Laboratory