PBSI customers are getting FIT. LABFIT™ and LEAN-FIT™

PBSI customers are getting FIT. LABFIT™ and LEAN-FIT™ are PBSI’s protocols designed to help our customers solve complex business problems affecting efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction in their organization. LABFIT™ and LEAN-FIT™ go beyond simple productivity improvement. Done correctly, LABFIT™ and LEAN-FIT™ humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work, and teaches employees how to learn […]

Professional Business Solutions, Inc. (PBSI) announces addition of Six Sigma service area

St Louis consulting firm Professional Business Solutions, Inc. (PBSI) announced the addition of a new service area, offering consulting and training services to help organizations develop, implement, and sustain the methodologies needed to improve organizational performance. Expertise includes Six Sigma, Lean, teambuilding, leadership development, change management, process and product design, process improvement, and problem solving. […]